Write For Us Casino, Gambling, Sports, Betting, Games

Write For Us Casino, Gambling, Sports, Betting, Games

If you are a Casino and gambling geek who also has a passion for writing then you can share your knowledge on our website. We welcome you to write for us Casino, Gambling, Sports, Betting, Games. 

Bay365.bet is providing a chance to grab this opportunity to write for our website. If you are interested in sharing any news, information, tips, or any other knowledgeable insight regarding Casinos, gambling or lottery then don’t hesitate just contact us at


Below we have discussed the terms and conditions and our guidelines that you need to follow if you want to write for us betting.

What Will You Get If You Write For Us?

There are a few advantages that you will get after you guest post on Bay365.Bet. First, you will be able to share your knowledge with many people which can help them to earn more. But the most important advantage of writing for us is that you can promote your app or website.

Once you write for Us Casino you can also add a link to your website and promote your business or website.

What Type Of Articles Do We Accept?

We accept many types of content related to casinos, gambling, lottery, luck draws, games, betting, sports, and many more. So, if you have any knowledge regarding these topics or want to share any news on these topics then you can contact us. Here is the list of topics that we accept:-

  • Casino reviews
  • Betting and gambling
  • Latest news and updates for gamblings
  • Predictions
  • Horse racing
  • Bingo and gaming machine
  • Lottery and Roulette
  • Games and sports betting
  • Betting strategies
  • Video Poker
  • Latest bets and odds
  • Opinion and thoughts gamblings

Will There Be Any Charges Involved In Guest Post Submission?

Yes, There will be a small amount that you will have to pay to get your article published. This amount is needed to maintain the team’s motivation and keep the site running. If you are willing to pay the amount then you can contact us for guest post submission.

Our Guidelines To Write For Us Casino, Gambling, Sports, Betting Games

There are a few guidelines that you must follow to qualify for submitting the guest post on our site.

  • Your article must contain 800 to 1000 words.
  • The article should be plagiarism-free.
  • The Article should be completely human-written (The use of AI will not be tolerated).
  • Content should be properly structured.
  • You must provide a featured image for the content.
  • You can add up to 2 links to the provided article. 

How To Find Guest Post For Casino, Gambling And Betting?

Here are the Dorking and footprints you can use to get similar sites to us offering guest post opportunities.

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You can just search these terms on Google and you will get similar sites to us which are offering guest posts for gambling and casinos.

How Many Links Can You Add To Your Submitted Posts?

You can add up to 2 links to your submitted articles. The links should be natural and we will provide you with permanent do-follow links that will give value to your website.

How Much Time Will It Take To Get Your Article Published?

Once you submit your article it will be reviewed by our content team and if they approve it you will get your live link in under 24 hours.

Submit Your Article Now On Bay365.Bet

We hope you understand all the guidelines you need to follow to submit your guest post on our site. If you are interested and want to collaborate by sharing your knowledge with our audience then don’t hesitate to contact us at Baybet365@gmail.com.